It’s essential to keep the shapewear comfortable to wear. If you’re wearing the shapewear regularly, three is the best number, one to wear, one to wash and one spare. You’re now prepared for your whole week’s shapewear. We recommend some very simple yet essential wash care tips.

Wash often, delicately

Shapewear is an intimate wear and is in direct touch with your skin even if you are wearing them over your panties. It’s best to wash the shapewear before not more than two wears. We recommend hand washing the shapewear and do not twist or wring. Wash the shapers inside out. If you’re low on time, machine wash on very gentle cycles. Do not centrifuge.

Avoid chemicals

Chemicals clean the garment, but are harsh on it. Lingerie detergents are lenient on the shapewear, making it last longer and keeping it comfortable on the skin. Avoid putting detergent directly on the fabric and keeping it more than 15 minutes in water. If you don’t have a delicate detergent, you can also use a baby shampoo.

Airy dry

The fabrics in the shapewear are delicate, meant to be delicate on your skin. Do not put it in dryer. Hang or keep flat to make sure you air dry your shapewear to preserve the fabric’s elasticity as best as possible. Do not dry under direct sunlight.

Make it last

Shapewears should make you feel comfortable. The best way to keep them comfortable is to groom it well. Avoid ironing, it’ll burn the nylon. Store stacked instead of hanged. Get a pair and rotate them every couple days.

Following the care guide should make the shapewear last a long, long time. If you still face any issues, please report it.